Techint Salud

Southapps worked together with the Health Department of Techint Group*, to provide a mobile and web solution for their employees to keep records of different key metrics.

The software receives the data entered by each individual and saves the data to be visualized both as a data table or a chart. This way the employee can certainly know how he/she is doing.

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*Techint is an Italian-Argentine conglomerate founded in Milan in 1945 by Italian industrialist Agostino Rocca and headquartered in Milan (Italy) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Techint comprises more than 100 companies operating worldwide in the following areas of business: engineering, construction, steel, mining, oil & gas, industrial plants, healthcare. Techint, with its subsidiaries, is the largest steel making company in Latin America. Techint is the world’s largest manufacturer of seamless steel tubes, mainly used in the oil industry. Source: Wikipedia