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The digital solution for medical offices!

This is a platform designed for Doctors and Patients, available for Android and iOS.

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Genoma Móvil

Events near your location!

CFI presents a new platform to look for historical events.

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E-Commerce For an Apple Premium Reseller

Mac Store Panamá, hired Southapps to develop an online sales channel for their end consumers.

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Let’s Fly Together!

Aerolink was created for the needs of pilots of all classes.

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Eland / Farm Management

Manage Your Farm In The Cloud!

Eland was created for the needs of farmers to manage the information of their fields.

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Nanny Nearest

Find a Nanny!

Collins Apps, hired Southapps to develop an app to help parents to find a nanny.

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A Mobile App about products!

Intcomex and Southapps work together as a team to create a new Mobile App for sellers at Intcomex.

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An App for Intcomex Accesories

The goal of this project consists in increasing “cross-selling”.

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Mobile App, Techint Salud

Southapps worked together with the Health Department of Techint Group.

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Consejo Federal de Inversiones

Southapps won the contract to build a nationwide project called “Genoma”.

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We helped SaferTaxi from the beginning!

The company hired Southapps to develop the BlackBerry and Android apps.

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An App to add applicants!

Southapps worked together with Bridger Conway, to make an app for YPF, to recruit boys and girls.

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Es Easy, vos podés!

Bridger Conway, an advertising agency, hired Southapps to develop a high complexity website for Easy (Grupo Cencosud).

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